Leonhard Euler

I have translated into English several works of the great mathematician Leonhard Euler:

All of the above translations are from original French Euler publications.

But most of what he wrote was in Latin. I have started to to translate Euler’s magnificient Introduction to Analysis of the Infinite, and have completed the first draft of the chapter on continued fractions.

This one is presented entirely in the web browser, using MathJax and a bit of CSS. It was initially an experiment to see how well this would work, and the answer is it works very well indeed. It turns out that 18th-century mathematical works are very web friendly—who would have known?

Here is the complete Latin version, and here is the first draft of my translation.

I have also processed and uploaded to archive.org well over a hundred scans of original 18th-century articles published by Euler. These are all in French and written while he was at the Berlin Academy.

While I was at it, I processed and uploaded the journals that these articles appeared in too.