OpenGL ES on the iPad

I wanted to see how my iPad would render some OpenGL code that I had previously written and run under several different platforms, so I ported it to the iPad using Apple's Xcode development kit. The OpenGL embedded subset that Apple supports was a good match for what I had written, and the code ported very easily. The code renders a precise oscilloscope display with a simulated waveform, at a rate of 60 frames per second. The scope grid lines demand single-pixel precision, and the code is designed to show any single-pixel defect in the rendering engine. But the rendering engine gets it right. Starting from a full charge, my iPad will render this at full frame rate for an amazing 12 hours--that is significantly longer than Apple's conservative claim of 10 hours for video.
Oscilloscope image rendered in the iPad simulator.
Snapshot of same code running on my iPad.