Here are some poems written by Catullus that I have translated. Each one includes both the original Latin and my translation into English.

I aim for fidelity to the meaning, tone, and structure, and try not to create awkwardness where there wasn’t any, but I do not try to edit the original, nor explicate while translating, nor do I reproduce the meter.

Catullus 3   A passerine passes. (Or bye-bye birdie.)
Catullus 5   Love, mortality, kisses, jealousy, and maybe an abacus.
Catullus 7   More kisses, by Jove.
Catullus 13   A dinner invitation scent.
Catullus 15   A strange dish of fish & veggies. Explicit.
Catullus 16   Dissing the reviewers. Explicit.
Catullus 27   Brandy, you’re a fine girl.
Catullus 33   Partners in crime and a missing bath towel? Explicit.
Catullus 85   Frame thy fearful symmetry.

My goals are fidelity and natural English idiom, which are goals in tension, and that makes translation fun and challenging.